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Cancellation Policy


In order to maintain a safe environment for our players, volunteers, fans and facilities it is sometimes necessary that practices and games are cancelled.  The conditions that warrant the cancellation can vary but may include heavy rain, lightning, high or low temperatures, field conditions, etc.

1. Parent/Guardian.

1.1. First and foremost parents/guardians should always make the appropriate decision for their player and should not hesitate to keep their child at home or remove them from a game/practice if they feel the current conditions will impact their child's safety.  Different players have different needs and tolerances and so ultimate responsibility for authorization to play is with the parent/guardian.

2. Lightning/Thunder.

2.1. League rules require stoppage of play/practice in the event of thunder or lightning until such time that 30 minutes have passed since the last occurrence and all those involved should take shelter until this time. In most cases the time slot allocated for events will not allow for the event to restart and finish after a 30 minute delay and so the event will need to be cancelled upon the first occurrence of thunder or lightning. 

3. Club Field Closure.

3.1. The club may cancel events based on severe weather or if there is concern about damage to the facilities.  The decision will be made by the field coordinator followed by the Operation VP, followed by the Club President.  This closure may also be mandated by the Town Rec Department.

4. Practice Cancellation.

4.1. Practice cancellation, either prior to or during practice, is at the discretion of the team coach.

4.2. In the event the practice is a trainer facilitated practice then the trainer may also cancel practice.  Any trainer facilitated practice that is cancelled should be reported to the Rec/Travel Coordinator.

5. Game Cancellation.

5.1. Rec games can be cancelled prior to starting by the agreement of the two coaches.

5.2. A game in progress can be cancelled by the ref or the agreement of the two coaches.  In either case the cancellation should be reported immediately to the Rec Coordinator.

5.3. Travel game cancellation follows district rules (see the current NWD handbook) 

6. Scheduling Make-up Practices.

6.1. Slots for makeup practices will be provided if they are available.  Coaches should coordinate with the Rec/Travel coordinator to schedule.  If practice slots are not available the practice is lost.

7. Make-up Games.

7.1. Cancelled rec games will be made up during bye weeks if available.  If a bye week is not available or has passed the game will not be made up.

7.2.1. Makeup travel games must be scheduled as per district rules (see the current NWD handbook)


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