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Sep, 2022

**New Spectator Policy



Spectators, including parents and coaches, are an integral part of the Thomaston Soccer Club (TSC). Our coaches and board work very diligently to ensure the best possible experience for both players and spectators. In order to keep its programming format recreational and a positive environment for all youth participants, the Thomaston Soccer Club Board of Directors has implemented the following Parent / Spectator / Guest Code of Conduct for all programs, activities, events and services.  This policy has been devised to convey the Board’s position about the expectations of parents and spectators in supporting a child while participating in sanctioned programs. By registering/observing/ participating in any TSC program, it’s understood that all participants/spectators/guest have read, understand, and will follow this code of conduct, and will convey these expectations to any invited spectator or guest in attendance at any of the TSC’s programs and/or activities.


  • Parents should not force their child to participate in this activity, sport, and/or event.
  • All parents, spectators, and guests must understand that the purpose of this program is for children to learn and have a positive experience. 
  • Parents will learn the rules and the policies of the program and help teach their child the rules of the game.
  • All parents, spectators, and guests will be a positive role model for all children participating in the program, agreeing to be supportive, respectful and compassionate throughout the duration of the program/event.
  • Parents, spectators, and guests will not engage in any unsportsmanlike or inappropriate conduct.
  • All parents, spectators, and guests shall not criticize, taunt or degrade the opposing team by means of words, hands, or other negative gestures.
  • Parents, spectators, and guests will refrain from using profanity and/or abusive language of any sort.
  • All parents, spectators, and guests will not condone nor endorse violence or aggression in any capacity. 
  • Parents, spectators, and guests shall treat players, coaches and officials with respect.
  • Parents, spectators, and guests will adopt the philosophy that winning is not everything. Parents will help their child understand that doing one’s best and achieving personal goals far outweighs winning.
  • Parents, spectators, and guests shall not interfere with the course of a game and/or approach referees and/or any sanctioned official to dispute calls, scores, etc.  If there is a disagreement or a concern, a constructive discussion must take place at a mutually agreed time and place and not in front of any child/participant.
  • Any verbal or physical dispute or confrontation is unacceptable.
  • Parents, spectators, and guests will never ridicule, taunt, or verbally debase their child or any other participant while in the course of a game or activity.
  • Parents, spectators, and guests shall not smoke or use any tobacco product on facility grounds and/or in the presence of children.
  • Parents, spectators, and guests shall refrain and not consume and/or possess alcohol and/or any other illicit or mind-altering substances at any time during the program.
  • Parents, spectators, and guests shall strive to make the program a training ground for life by posing as a positive role model, reinforcing good behavior, sportsmanship, and self-confidence.  In doing so, the program can form a strong foundation for good mental and physical health, while reinforcing that athletics and/or recreational activities are a safe alternative activity and a deterrent to crime and/or illegal behavior.
  • Parents, spectators, and guests must respect the volunteer coach’s authority and role within the program or activity.

Any parent, spectator, or guest guilty of improper conduct at any game, practice, or within the confines of an event will be given one verbal warning. If behavior continues after this warning the parent, spectator, or guest and their accompanying player will be asked to leave. The player will also be suspended from the next scheduled game.  I understand that as a parent/guardian of a child in this program that I assume responsibility for the actions and subsequent behavior of my family and guests. I understand that any infractions of this code of conduct will cause revoking privileges from attending the games/activities and/or removal from the program.


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